How to "set list" only for items that are checked in an RG

A user saves a new thing, and one of the fields is a list-field linked to another type, on the form there is repeating group with dynamic choices listing the linked type, there’s a checkbox next to each option.

When the user hits save, i want bubble to create a new thing, and for the field representing that linked field i want to “set list” items from the repeating group, BUT ONLY for those items checked by the user.


Idea is you set a state that is a list of things. When you click to select you set the state to: this state’s list plus item: current cells thing.

When you want to remove it from the list (uncheck), you do: set state, this state’s list filtered: Advanced: current cell’s thing is not this thing.

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now you talking, let me try it

Ok, followed orders, it works.

BUT, i didn’t understand what i did, i’ll probably have to come back here whenever i use such a workflow situation, and i don’t see why they made it so Un-intuitive.

Why not provide those “add” and “remove” options as they would for saving to a list-field in the database???

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