How to set multiple data sources for a group?


I’m creating a test application to source data from multiple RSS feeds into a repeating group. The repeating group is a ‘child’ of a MAIN group.

I have set up data source of the MAIN group as ‘RSS - Get Feed’ which allows only one RSS feed source. However, is there a way to point the group to multiple data sources? (‘Merged with’ only works for repeating group)


I’m not sure that I follow exactly, but if I do, you should be able to create a second group within the parent group that accesses the child data source.

Thank you. But I think this means that every time I add a new RSS source, I need to add another group within the parent group. This may not be ideal. Hope I’m reading your suggestion correctly

That is correct. I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing though.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment. That may not be ideal because there can be 10s-100s of RSS feeds sources with new ones being added on-the-fly.

Ideally, I would like to add new RSS sources in the database and it would be picked up by the repeating group to display feeds. Not sure if that is possible with Bubble.

You’re most welcome.
But that’s not a Bubble-specific problem. How would you solve the issue of allowing real-time additions to your data sources if you weren’t using Bubble?

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I am very new to coding as well as Bubble. So not very sure :slightly_smiling_face:

However, do let me know if there’s a way for a group to read a list of RSS sources that are stored in a database. That would be highly useful. Appreciate it

I’m really not sure beyond the advice I’ve already provided on how to solve your real time RSS feed issue.

But as a general solve, getting child data into an RG is pretty straight forward using groups as already mentioned.

As a general tip, it sounds like you’re taking on a complex problem that you’re looking to solve. As a newbie to both coding and Bubble, that’s a perilous path. My advice here would be to start small and align the complexity to your experience.

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