How to set up an API Workflow Endpoint with Sendpoint Inbound Parse?

Hi there,

I’ve got an API workflow endpoint that’s connected to a Sendgrid inbound parse webhook. The connection works, because I can send an email to the address and detect data/modify types in the endpoint menu:

However, I can’t seem to get the API to run. Nothing shows up in the server logs and the first step in the workflow (Create a new Email Info) never completes.

Is my setup wrong? I thought it would work because the emails seem to be parsed when I test it, but I’ve noticed some inconsistencies. The endpoints are different in the detect endpoint data and the settings menu, although it does redirect to the correct address:

Otherwise I think everything is set up correctly, as far as I can see. Sendgrid inbound parse, DNS records, Bubble API endpoint, they’re all connected, they just don’t seem to work automatically at runtime.

Thanks for any help!

The app name/domain are interchangeable, maybe your issue is once you get it initialized, you need to remove /initialize from the webhook URL in SendGrid?

You only need /initialize in SendGrid so Bubble can learn what the payload looks like

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I have done exactly the same, but when I remove the /Initialize it just wont run the workflow at all. It only works when im listening for data format but not when when data is ready.

Maybe since I have to delete the Host in Sendgrid and add a new one without the /initialize could be the issue? It doesn’t allow to change the URL in a host, nor duplicated hosts, so have to delete then create a new one without the last part of the URL and it doesn’t trigger the workflow…

Any idea?