How to set up an application form

Hi guys,

I am looking to set up a business where customers subscribe to a monthly subscription each month. I am planning of using stripe to handle the payments. I need the customer to fill out an application form and set up payment before I leave them login with an email and password.

So for instance, when they click on Sign Up, I want a form to appear. They enter details and set up email and Password through this form, on this form they choose which package they go on and also use their credit card/debit card.

When they input all details, I want to be able to have access to this on my end

What is the best way for this to happen?

Hey @andrewmcsweeney0 welcome to Bubble!

I could be wrong, but I think you will want a User to create an account first, then create the rest of the form for collecting information like payment details.

Have you worked through all the tutorials yet? That’s a great way to understand how the “input” element works, which you will use to create a form.

In a nutshell, use Input elements to correspond to the information you want the user to submit to your database and place a button the user clicks when they are finished filling the form out. Start/edit the workflow of the button, go under the “Data” menu in the workflow, and “Create new data”. Then in the expression composer, use “[Input element’s name]'s value = [database field]”. Now, when the User fills the form out and clicks the button you’ve created, the data they’ve put into the input fields is written to your app’s database to the corresponding fields you mapped them to in your database.

If that’s a little difficult to understand, definitely make sure you’ve gone through all the tutorials! If you’re still having problems after you’ve worked through the tutorials, post on this thread again and we’ll help you out!

From what you described though, you definitely found the right tool to get the job done. Bubble is perfect for collecting User information and subscribing them to plans :slight_smile:

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