Making custom forms/inputs

Just wondering if there is any way I can make an application form system on my website that’s customisable from the front-end.

Say I wanted 5 questions, I could go on my website click “Add question” fill in some details like “Type”, “Question” etc and then have a question created on a form or something.

Sounds to me like it’d be VERY complicated but would give me a massive advantage.


That’s pretty basic stuff, questions are just data too, so you’d need to set up pages on which you fill in application forms, and pages in which you set them up.

It sounds like you’re new to bubble. I’d suggest going through the tutorials and having a really long think about what you want. Folks here will help you solve your problems, but learning the basics, that’s best that you do it yourself.

Good luck

Hey can help to build you this

No, I understand what you mean. What I’m asking is to say I was on my website on the front-end and a staff member wanted to add 5 more questions onto my pre-existing 5 questions by pressing a button and entering questions it would edit/create inputs for me.

Put the questions in a table/“thing”
Put a repeating group on the page that shows your questions, one after another
Your challenge will be the structure of your responses now.

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