How To Create a form on Bubble

Can anyone help me and tell me how to create a Form on bubble?
I need it for my Website so people can fill Applications.

You would use input elements. There are a few of them that you might need.

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 1.08.17 AM

You need to have your database set up so you can save the information a user adds into an input form element.

You need to create workflows to save the information or set up the input form elements to allow autobinding.


Thanks, but can you explain me on how to Send it so like when i give permission to my staff members they can read the forms

I would recommend taking a look through these videos: they should explain it

Yea i have gone through it, but that’s like how it should work. But like i want it to show up on my Staff side that someone has sent a form in so like they’ll accept it or reject it. I’ve contacted couple of people but got no response.

You need to use a text element with a dynamic expression to show the data you want the text element to display which would be the data entries the user created when they filled in the form.

So like my staff can click on “View Form” and then It’ll pop-up for them with all the information the person has filled, correct?

I don’t understand anything about Data and all, and that’s why I’m doing researches on Forum

One way to think about this is to:

  • Setup web pages for user interaction … e.g. a page for the form and another page to see the incoming entries
  • In the form page build logic to create entries
  • In the incoming entries page build logic to manage them … e.g. approve/dissaprove, delete, etc

So as an example an application form will have at a minimum one input to type in the name of the applicant and one button to submitt the application to the database

And … the incoming entries page will have a repeating group with one text element inside it to display the name on each row of X many entries as they are created in the database. And … one button to approve and another one to dissaprove. Upon clicking the approval button the database can update the applicant to state “yes” to a yes/no field called approved?

All of the above is for illustration purposes. How you design your UI, logic and database is up to how you want your app to be :+1: I just described a minimalistic example of one basic way to go about this.

Please see as follows (all this is in one page):

Hope this helps :+1:

It kinda helps, but i can give it a try and see how it works. If it didn’t work i can contact Bubble for it.

Thanks For The Help . :+1:

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