How to set up domain with and without www.prefix correctly

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I am about to deploy my app but a bit confused about how to set up a domain correctly for both with and without www. prefix.

For example, I want to set up my domain correctly, I have added []in the setting on bubble and according to the instruction, to add a CNAME record which I did, and everything works fine.

But is still pointing to my old landing page, which is wrong and needs to be amended. Do I change the domain in the setting and add in one more time?

In addition, for changing the records in Namecheap, how many records do I have to change in total? When I did the setting for www.prefix in Namecheap, it only requires me to delete my A record with @ and www, and add 1 CNAME record. Why in some of the cases I saw on the forum, one has to add 4 new A records?

Sorry if my question is a bit messy, but thanks very much for your help!

Hey there!

When you enter the domain in your bubble settings, it should come up and give you the records. You will want to put the new records as A Records. If you have old records pointing to your old website, you should delete those.

Your new records will probably look something like this - A - - A

The IP’s above are in your bubble settings.

Hope that sorts it out!

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In the past, Bubble used to give two specific IP addresses, so my records have two A name and two www settings. Now it looks like Bubble only gives one, so you would only need two records: one www and one A name.

If any domain is not sending you where you expect, you can Google for check DNS online and use any of the online tools to check your DNS records for an external observer.

Also check on your DNS to make sure there are no www or A name or CNAME records that were previously present and may be conflicting.

Thanks very much for your reply. I have added 4 A records, 2 with @ and 2 with www.
I have also double checked my DNS with namecheap to make sure there is no conflicting CNAME or A records. is working correctly, and is not working. I used an online DNS checker and it says is working fine with namecheap, however no results found for

I am not sure if the problem arises because I have to wait 24 hours, or is there still a mistake in my setting. Any tip?

Thank you!


It depends on what you want your main URL to be - if you want to have your URL as, then you should set up your DNS to have a CNAME record redirecting any www url to

Since your url is pointing to an old landing page, maybe worth checking that there are no CNAME records that redirect any www requests.

Thanks! for pointing it out that I need to pick the main URL.
I have chosen to be the main one and to have redirect to

I have waited a day for everything to propagate so after 24 hours, things seem to work. But I eventually did was different from Bubble’s instruction. I am just writing them here so if anyone experiences the same problem in the future can have a reference.
I was told by the Namecheap customer support that my account is set up incorrectly because there were 2 A records with @ and 2A records with www. and a URL redirect record. The customer service officer changed my setting to have two A records with wwww pointing to bubble’s IP address and a URL redirect record pointing to Things seem to work properly now.

Big shoutout to @deadpoetnsp again for your help!

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