Setting Godaddy up for Bubble

I want to set up Bubble to work with my domain .

Bubble says I need to add all four of these records:

This is how it looks like in Godaddy now for me:

For the A record I cound not give a name ‘WWW’ so I used my domain name instead. Is this good or bad? Godaddy says www alone will not work. See:

So far I cannot see my domain. I don’t know if it is because its taking time propagating or my settings are wrong.

Can anyone advise?

Thank you!


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It seems that a ton of people are having troubles with GoDaddy for some reason, I personally use Google Domains and don’t experience any issues. You have to have “www” records I believe. What happens when you enter “www” records into GoDaddy?

@johnny - As I mentioned above “Godaddy says www alone will not work”.

You just need to remove the current CNAME record with name ‘www’, then you’ll be able to add the A records with the name ‘www’.


@ adamhholmes,

That worked! Thank you! Now let’s see it everything propagates?

Do you think all 4 Bubble records are need?



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I’ve got all 4 set up on mine and it works fine. It might take a day or 2 to propagate (but hopefully a lot less).

You have been a big help thanks!

So in addition to the Bubble records Godaddy customers need to remove the CNAME with www so that they can create an A File with www and also under A file you need to delete the www record that points internally within Godaddy.


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