How to setup a registration on invitation only?


I would like to setup a registration on invitation instead of providing a signup form.
Currently, we get our user’s contacts from an Airtable form ( and we selectively invite people into the platform for the moment.

My issue resolve on setting up the email service (Sendgrid) to accept this kind of flow. Sendgrid requires a signup form to prevent spammers and this is fair enough, however they did not accept our Airtable form as a valid signup form.

Currently, I can use the native mail service but I require to setup Sendgrid to use our own email domain.

Any help would be appreciated!

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You may want to change the title to be more specific towards asking about how to use send grid.

I don’t know about send grid, but in terms of an invitation only, why not provide a form that is already partially filled in…in the email provide the code to enter…then in the form with the missing code, they enter that code.

Is it possible with send grid to have a sign up form that is already partially filled in? Or perhaps you send two emails, one with the login credentials based on being invited and a second with the blank form to avoid sendgrid thinking you’re spammer