Sendgrid and Google Workspace email set up

I am hoping this page will help people who want to use Sendgrid and Google Workspace.

I have a business email which I purchased from Google Workspace because I like to use Gmail to access my emails. Set up for this is found in my Google Admin Console.

To send emails out, I would like to use Sendgrid.

It seems that this combination of Sendgrid and Google Workspace is not common and I have not been able to find a solution on how to set up the DNS for these two services. I am surprised it is not common because Sendgrid is the cheapest solution for sending lots of emails and Gmail is the cheapest for creating a business email.

Anyway, I will be paying experts to try and help and hope to find a solution. Please post any thoughts you like which may help us.

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Hi there @darren.james7518,

You just need to have it setup in your Registar’s DNS, not Google Workspace.

I had done this but I still got errors. This post is a follow on from a previous post listing the issues I have been facing.

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Here I am in the same situation. Anyone know the solution to this? I would guess that your MX records can only point to either Sendgrid or Google… so is it possible to have both a Google Workspace email account and also send email using SendGrid?

I paid someone to get this sorted for me and all seems to be working. I find Google is a total mess, I mean I have login info for the following;
Google Workspace Business Starter

No wonder it get’s confusing, I don’t know what relates to what, why can’t Google have one single console? Anyway, feel free to ask me to show you screen shots of anything, I would love to say “this is how it’s done” but I wouldn’t know where to look or what to show you so please tell me what you need.

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For Google Workspace, you need to input MX records. For Sendgrid they’re CNAME and TXT records.

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This is for Google Workspace, your Google Accounts under your custom domain.

These are for the Google Cloud Console. For access to oauth, APIs, and Google Cloud services.

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This is the solution. They are totally compatible as they use different DNS records types.