How to share direct link to uploaded files in

Hi i have problem,

I have form with two input fields:

I d like to create buttons to upload Voice file and Video file to each input field, and after it is uploaded than initial content in this field will be direct link to the uploaded file that i will looks like this http://…

Can you help ?

On your page, put a “When input’s value has changed” and pick your file uploader. Then create a Thing in your database and set a file field to the FileUploader’s value. Then do “Reset relevant inputs”

Then to view the link on screen you just do the Thing’s file (or file’s URL). Like you noticed it’s missing “https:” in front of the URL. I have no idea why Bubble does this. Just add it manually before the URL if you need to email it to someone or something.

Well video and audio files are stored liek this

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-1 o 22.02.52

question is how to set up that initial value in the input fileld will be like this :frowning:

It has “//” you just need to add “https:” in front. Wherever you are sharing this or display on screen you can type that first, then follow it with the dynamic data.

Again no idea why they are missing that first part, maybe they are assuming modern browsers will fill that in because they usually do but…

This File's URL : Find and replace : Find : "//" : Replace: "https://"

Have you tried this approach?

no where to setup?

Use that where ever you want to display or store the link

to describe mor precise

  1. user click number 1 button. File is uploading and then in input field 3 we have direct url to the file

  2. user clicke numer 2 button. File is upladning and then in input field 4 we have direct url to the file

i dont know how could it help :frowning:

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