How to show a picture number of times based on number in database

Need help.
I want to display a picture in a repeating group as many times as I have a number in a number field.

So if the number is 3 - I want to see 3 times the picture displayed.

I assume there can be a conditional build like that but don’t know how to multiply a picture.

Is that the only thing you want to display in the RG? Or will there be other pictures as well (based on other number fields?)

No - in the repeating group I have many information regarding the element presented - ex task name, task scope etc.
But this field I am building should ilustrate the numbers of users attached to the point as a replicated picture of user avatar placeholder. So i need to know how I can make it multiply this picture by the element value.

Use a nested RG with a content-type of Number, and a data source of the number.

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Thanks @adamhholmes .
Well I am encountering a problem, but maybe I have mistunderstood you.
As I am thinking I need to create an array of intigers from 1 to the count number, but don’t know how to approach this.
The field I have a number in is called NumberOfMembers.

OK, I managed to do that.
I am using a workaround.
I have a type of content number and data source is the string I split by enters. And I have pictures in repeating group.
But wonder if I can avoid doing this search as it does a search for each element each time the page is loaded, so it would be good I can find a workaround.

Yes… sorry, that’s what I meant but I didn’t explain it well…

The data source need to be a list of numbers, that list being the number of things in question.

Use the toolbox plugin’s List of Number for that.

alternatively, you can use a list of texts (it really doesn’t matter what you use), and generate that from the items images in the related thing.

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Thanks Adam, you helped me a lot! Like always!

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