How to Show all Hidden Cells Repeating Group Cells via Workflow?

I have a repeating group that is populated via an API call. Users can hide cells of the repeating group by clicking a button contained in the cell.

When the API call is re-initialized I need to somehow revert all the hidden cells back to visible.

I know I can use Custom state lists to log the index of hidden cells like this:

RepeatingGroup’s Hidden Cells:plus item Current cell’s index
What I am unsure of is how I would go about using the hidden cell list to show the hidden cells via a workflow.

Hi there, @blogshackltd… I could be missing something that makes this question, well, dumb, but how are you hiding the cells when the buttons are clicked? Can’t you just undo whatever you are doing there when the API call is re-initialized? For example, if you are using a custom state list to hide the cells, can’t you clear the custom state and be good to go?


Currently I am just hiding the cell by setting visible to off, but setting the parent element to visible is not propagating down to the hidden child cells.

For that reason I think I need to use custom state lists to log which cells are visible so that I can show them again when the API call occurs. I have no ideal how to process a custom state list in a workflow to show all hidden cells in the list though. If there is a simple solution that I am missing, please let me know though, this is my first build and I have a lot to learn.

Edit: got the tokens working though :grinning: Ended up using a back end workflow triggered by external cron to modify the database.

That’s probably what I need to do, I knew I could add cells to a list, but I did not know I could hide them because they were in the list.

Yeah, that is likely what I would be doing, and then I would just clear the custom state list in order to show all of the cells again, assuming I am understanding things correctly.

Cheers mikeloc, you are a Diamond :+1:

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