How to show checkout window for Stripe plugin?


I’m using Bubble’s native Stripe plugin. Yes, I’m familiar with Stripe.js. I’m using the plugin because it was part of JJ’s SaaSCamp course and I liked the checkout window.

However, there is an issue I have where after I successfully test the checkout for a user, if I try to downgrade or upgrade my plans, the checkout happens automatically and I’m never given the option to change my card, add a payment method or anything. It just happens.

Any tips on how to prevent that from happening? Basically, I’d like for each time that a user attempts to downgrade or upgrade a plan, that the checkout window will appear again instead of automatically processing.


Hey, @randreas,

Users can manage their subscriptions (downgrade, upgrade, add a payment method, etc.) on the Stripe Portal. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Use the API connector
  2. Use a plugin, like the Stripe Customer Portal

I prefer the second option; it’s a faster and better solution. It’s a fantastic plugin (by @lantzgould) :slight_smile: :computer:


Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

Normally, I’d built the entire checkout process myself using Stripe.Js but I’m looking to try this method to have some alternative options.