🛒 Stripe Checkout (Shopping Cart) Plugin

Hi all, I just released the Stripe Checkout (Shopping Cart) plugin.

It allows users to purchase multiple items in one Stripe Checkout Session.

2023-07-28 15.25.30

The plugin can handle one-off purchases and subscription payments at the same time.

Useful stuff

Video tutorial

We pride ourselves on building useful plugins and providing top class customer support. This is the 3rd Stripe-based plugin we’ve published to the Bubble marketplace - you can see some of the reviews left on our other Stripe plugins below:

If you have any questions or feedback let me know :slight_smile:


October-23 Update

I’ve pushed a number of updates to this plugin recently. You can now…

Add shipping rates!

Use two new API call:

  • Get Payment Method
  • Retrieve a Payment Method

This allows you to save down the last 4 digits of the debit/credit card used in the transaction (among other things)

The comprehensive plugin documentation has been updated to reflect these changes :slight_smile:

November-23 Update

Just pushed an update to the plugin (version 2.2.1) that allows you to specify whether or not you want to automatically create a Stripe Customer ID when in ‘payment mode’ (does not apply if you’re selling a subscription item.

The documentation has also been updated :slight_smile:

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Is this an update/new version of this plugin? This one became outdated (still works perfectly though). I need customers to be able to select and purchase/cancel subscriptions. Can this plugin do that too (I’m assuming yes), and more importantly, would this plugin be the easiest way to set that up? I don’t want to spend a couple of weeks (again) tinkering with this.

Hi @IljaIljitsj, the plugin you are referencing is not my Stripe Checkout (Shopping Cart) plugin. It appears to be a different Stripe Checkout plugin.

It certainly is possible to purchase/cancel subscriptions using my Shopping Cart plugin, but it’s not what it’s primarily designed for - the Shopping Cart plugin is really built for people who want to add eCommerce functionality to their apps and to let their users purchase multiple items at once.

If you’re just looking for subscription sign-up/canceling functionality, I suggest using the native Bubble Stripe plugin.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I understand, thanks for the answer!

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December-23 Update

You can now integrate the Stripe Checkout (Shopping Cart) plugin with Stripe Tax:

I’ve also written a detailed guide on how to register for Stripe Tax and integrate it with the plugin.

January-24 Update
It is now possible to embed Stripe payment forms (created from Checkout Sessions) in your Bubble app!

2024-01-24 08.42.35

You can see how the workflow is set up in this demo app (see the checkout and payment-page pages). Our detailed documentation also explains how to implement this in your own app.

Any questions just let me know :slight_smile:

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