How to show informing just before do loading more cells in RG?

I’m trying improvement of performance of bubble in business project.
The overall performance of the app has been an issue, especially load times when RG contains many Elements.
So to at least improve the UX, we are trying to provide a display for the user while it is loading.

As a main problem, we have observed the behavior that there is a time when the screen stops rendering for about 5000ms before RG’s “is loading” flag becomes true, and then “is loading” becomes yes and rendering is completed in about 500ms.

So, I have looked into run_debug.js to check as much as possible to see where this 5000ms is taking place. The following are a result.

  1. call watch_lazy_loader()
  2. call load_more_cells(true) :obfuscated, not sure what the arguments mean.
  3. after going through many call stacks
  4. call send_data_to_children()
    → Long wait occurs in the for loop in this.

I have confirmed the above.

Is that possible to display the waiting cover etc. in js or element before the waiting time starts before “is loading” becomes “yes” ?
( If it is impossible, we must to consider to change platform… )

I would appreciate your wisdom.

This is screen shot on chrome performance tab in the behavior.

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