How to show loader in repeating group

Hello everybody
I have next task, I need to show the loader in repeating group where the data comes from chatgpt, I have 10 chapters and while this chapters are loading I need to show the loader

Have you created a loader already?

If not, you can use a font awesome icon Font Awesome Icons and place it in a popup.

You would then show this popup only if repeating group is loading.

Hope this helps.

Of course, your answer is interesting, I would answer the same way myself, can you be more specific?)

  1. Head over to the font awesome website
  2. Choose an icon or head over to this section
  3. Create a popup
  4. Add a text element in the popup
  5. Add the font awesome icon in the text. It would look like this: [fa]icon_name fa-spin[/fa]
  6. Create a do when condition is true event wherein you would show the popup when your RG is loading

Can I do this without popup?)
I have the next scheme in my workflow, I have the requests to openai and after that I need to open next page and in this next page displayed my data from openai and while this data are loading I need to show a loader

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