Show a loading Pop up while Repeating Groups is loading elements

How does one go about showing a loading pop up with an animation when the repeating groups of a group are loading?
I have a one page app and am using states to hide/show groups. These pages/groups have multiple repeating groups in them and I want a loading pop up to show until they have all finished loading.

Without seeing your application, a broad approach would be:

  1. On page load show your loading popup

  2. Event: When condition true: Repeating group’s list:count >0 AND repeating group is not loading

  • Hide popup

Ensure your repeating groups are set to visible on load.

Does that help?

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Thanks for your response but no it doesn’t as the pop up hides before the image elements in the repeating group are displayed

Could you use the “add a pause” action before showing the popup? Bit crude, but setting it to a couple of seconds may do the trick.

I’m looking into something similar at present so hope to have a more elegant solution soon.

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