Repeating Group Loading Spinning Wheel

I have a repeating group that is on the page to display search results. The data source for this repeating group is another repeating group that has the “do a search”. Everything is working on page and I have a pagination to display a fixed number of results.

When I first load the page the repeating group on the page used to display results takes some time to populate. When I use the pagination feature the repeating group on page to display results to navigate to a different page (set of results) I get a spinning wheel in the repeating group.

I want to set an overlay with a condition to be visible or not visible dependent on the status of the repeating group on page for display. My assumption was that the spinning wheel was representing the repeating group is loading.

The problem is I am not seeing any changes in the “is loading” aspect.

Does anybody know how to access the condition that causes this spinning wheel to be present while it is loading results?

Any feedback on this?

Add new icon with spinning wheel, initially it will be visible element. add new condition to hide this icon when repeatinggroup count is loading / count >=0.
Hope it works

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