Show a loading icon when a repeating group is loading

I want to show a spinning loading icon when a repeating group is loading (all its images are not fully visible yet). I’ve added these two conditions to the icon and the opposite conditions to the repeating group (when this repeating group is loading, don’t make it visible), however the icon never hides, and the repeating group never becomes visible.
Any solutions?


I rely on List Shifter for that type of thing. It’s reliable and quick.

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Is this it?


The problem is you can’t put the opposite visibility rule to the repeating group.
The data will start loading when the group it’s visible, but as soon as it starts loading you hide the group. You get all sort of strange behaviour like this.

One way of reasoning about this is having a “data” repeating group where you do your searches (or a custom state list on an external element), and a “display” repeating group where you display the data.
You reference the first one for data, loading status ecc and are free to hide/show the one for display.

Rico, how exactly do you use Lift Shifter for this? Is it basically what @dorilama described, using List Shifter element as the data source?

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