How to sort date ranges in a repeating group?

I have a repeating group which returns dates, the data source is in date ranges but there isn’t an option to sort by date so the group ends up out of order. Any ideas?


You should be able to click on the “Parent group’s Schedules” part of that input on the "Data Source and a new box will pop up giving you control over what data you want to display and how you want to display it. See this example:

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I initially didn’t even have that pop up so I had to change the repeating group to “do a search for”. But sorting the date range still isn’t an option

You can’t, in vanilla Bubble, sort date ranges.

Yeah so what you’ll need to do is create your own custom “Date” field (or whatever you want to call it) as part of your Schedule data type and use that as your sorting field.

Though, I think I meant to mention that this can be done with List Shifter’s SORT action.

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