How to switch Stripe to use Dev API keys after deploying my app to live?

I’m using the Stripe Plugin and all has been working well.
This morning I deployed my app to Live so that a few people could see it while I’m on holiday.

I entered a test order into it and received this message when I went to pay for it.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 135557

I’m guessing I need to ensure that deployment uses the “Live” API keys for Stripe.
How do I change this so that it uses the Test data after deploying it?

You can not use test data in a live application

The error is that your customer is associated with test data. You need to create the customer in the live application to have it associated with the live application.

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You can not use test data in a live application

I didn’t realise that. Thanks for this info…

So, and I appreciate this is really basic…it’s a marketplace and to get someone to test the app, I can just copy the link from the address bar of my browser when it’s in “Preview” mode and send it to the, and they can play about with it without having to worry that they’re spending “Real” money if they set themselves up as a user?

Yes. If you made sure that you are using your Test Key in your development environment, and Live Key in your live environment, you can be sure that no real money will ever be used when in preview mode.

That being said, real cards will not work on stripe’s testing mode, they will always get declined. You should use the Testing Cards provided by Stripe.

It might seem annoying, but there are very good reasons to not mix real cards with test environments.

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Thank you so much. That all makes sense even though I’m still on the learning curve of this!

I’m now comfortable enough to put it away and go on holiday.
Back in 2 weeks! Ciao!

Enjoy the holiday. Don’t forget too much about how you built the app…I always lose track of things when away for too long. Made me use the Notes feature much more often.