Switching from test stripe payments to live payments


I have now deployed my app as live and added live test keys for the stripe plugin.

im using this plugin:

when i use the workflow option “charge the current user” it pops up with a stripe-made card details collection popup that seems to come with the plugin. See below:


i have been using this in test mode, so if i input any card details other than the correct stripe test card details the plugin poup just does this wabble thing and doesnt go anywhere or do anything.

I assume this is due to it being in test mode…so i have now gone live, with the live test keys inputted into plugins settings.

When i try to make card payments it does the same thing, just wabbles. Im trying to specifically test with correct card details and incorrect card details to see what happens. Appears to still be in test mode perhaps? But its live, everyhting is live. the striple portal is also not set to test mode.

any ideas guys? here are my plugin settings:

Even if Stripe switches test and live mode with keys, the products you choose are not dynamic (they have different IDs in test and live. So you need some trick to put the right product id to that popup. If dev mode, test product key, if live mode, live product key. I know this is BS. But it is how it is setup.

Here is the video that explains it. https://youtu.be/tEXC-JLCFjI?si=fwUtV34JZ9JttgGT