Stripe test cards declined after deployment

I used to be able to use test Stripe cards using Stripe plugin v3. Then I deployed to my live domain and I can only use real credit cards. Test cards are always declined now.

It feels like a security thing from Stripe? Any way I can continue to use test cards in production? We want to run a beta but don’t want people to have to put in their real credit card yet.

You probably have things setup in your app to use your live Stripe Keys in the Live version of your app and the test Keys for the version-test of your app…maybe switch the ‘live version’ of the app around to use the test keys still, but if you tested in version test and the ‘flow’ of the transaction was working, then it should work fine in live.

Basically I learned one can’t use test cards on the live version of the site. Stripe will decline them but the cards will still work on the test version.