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Sending Users to MixPanel works for some, not for others

I’m using the Bubble MixPanel plugin to send Users and Events to MixPanel.

When I’m logged into Bubble on my computer, no matter what User I’m running as within MixPanel, I can send Users and Events to MixPanel.

When my codeveloper is, he can’t.

Has anyone encountered this? If so, how did you solve it?

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Hey! Did you find a solution to this?

Yes, it turns out it wasn’t a MixPanel issue at all. One of us was running the DuckDuckGo chrome extension, which blocked the sending of Users and Events to MixPanel. The fix is to disable the DuckDuckGo extension when testing our app.

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Yes it seems that more and more browsers are blocking client side tracking like Mixpanel. For example, by default Google Chrome has a Do Not Track feature that will block Mixpanel.

I think the solution is to use server-side tracking like Segment, which can then be sent into Mixpanel.