"is focused" option not showing; was this removed?

…or am I doing it wrong? I’m trying to trigger a workflow when an input is focused or isn’t focused, which according to this thread I should see in the “Do When Condition is True” workflow type:

However, when I try that in my app, this is what I see:

Any ideas why I’m not seeing the “is focused” option?


Hi there, @johndurso… I’m not sure if this is how it was done in the post you referenced, but I remember reading this in another post pretty recently, and it’s a trick I didn’t know about. Go to the page itself and on some other element, add a condition and create the expression when Input project name is focused. Then, copy the expression, and you will be able to paste it into the Only when condition of the workflow.

Crazy, eh? But whatever gets the job done.



Ha, I would not have guessed that, thanks!

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