How to trigger workflow on a page from a reusable element within a repeating group?

I have a reusable element containing a groupfocus with vertical submenu. This RE is within a repeating group. How do I trigger a workflow on the page outside of the repeating group that shows and hides groups on the page when the user clicks ‘modify job’ or ‘close job’?

You can use custom states or URL parameters.

On the index page, you’d set up a do when workflow to check the custom state or url parameter

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I have tried this, but I can’t get the page to read a custom state from an element inside the RE within the RG. Do you have an example for how you do this?

In these sort of circumstances I just create a popup on the RE so when you choose ‘modify job’ it opens a popup to edit that job.

And close job I would just have it change the status of the job, this would then either take it out of the RG for job postings (use a constraint in your search to not return closed jobs).

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