How to ungroup groups

I need to ungroup after creating a group… How do I ungroup?

Dragging the element out of the parent group does the trick for me. If not, try replicating it in the forum app and I’ll check it out.


Thanks Scott! I’ll give that a try… Would be nice though if there’s a contextual menu to ungroup…


We’ll think about it.

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Would highlight that the ungroup function is still missing .). Really messy while designing…

It’s not that simple, because grouping elements creates a new element. ungrouping should delete the element? that’s a bit dangerous.

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The way I work around this is by copying (or cutting) the elements from inside the group, clicking outside of the group and then pasting them. Then, I just delete the old group. A bit of work, but better than recreating all elements within the group by hand.

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That is how I used it. Put if you have 10 elements+ it is a pain in the ass :slight_smile: .

Thanks anyways

I have the same challenge. I’m building a single page app so i have multiple groups that are full page, and I often don’t want elements to automatically become part of a full page group just because I moved it. And, I can’t simply drag them off the group when I make this mistake because the groups are full page. Not a huge deal, but becomes a regular frustration.

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any progress on an ungroup function since July?


I have the same problem with “double grouping” when you select elements, click “Group these elements”, nothing seems to happen (lag) and so you click again, and hey presto your elements are in two groups. Real pain to have to select the elements, paste them elsewhere, delete the groups and then line everything back up again.

Has any progress been made toward being able to ungroup Groups? Dragging elements outside of a Group to ungroup them gets pretty messy usually. If you’re not careful where the element ends up, it can land behind other groups or elements and it makes it very difficult to find and get back to the location that you want it to be placed.

Just curious, this would be a very nice feature!

*Edit: Just thought about the Elements Tree how it displays your elements in layers…if you could drag elements around, it would make it easy to move things into and out of groups as well as control their z-index/arragement (front/back).


I would love to see this too. I am currently using bubble to build a marketplace app and right now the group inside of group inside of repeating group is making it an issue to quickly drag an element around the page, or quickly combining elements.
One thing I really love about designing the app first is doing a wireframe, and moving elements in the tree like photoshop or sketch would be a game changer for me.

Dragging elements out of the group doesn’t sounds too hard is it? What I said earlier still applies

And I’m not sure what the right behavior here should be. Also, having elements in a group isn’t too bad. What is wrong with elements belonging in the same group?

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It’s not hard, but it’s a serious UX pain point. Moving objects by dragging and dropping can be really tough to do precisely when you have so many groups to move! I propose some logic for the system here:

The ‘Ungrouping’ behavior is an element tree movement problem where intentions of the user can be well defined:

  1. Move specified elements from the current group into the current parent of the group
  2. Move specified elements to a specified parent group. (beyond the parent directly above it)
  3. Move specified elements to any specified group.

Function Behavior

  • The element(s) positioning after the grouping change is maintained.
  • The enclosing group does not expand to encompass the new elements.
  • Willing to think this this through more, but I think it’d be best to avoid changing group sizes since it can mess with responsive behavior
  • Access to this behavior is through:
  • The element tree (User’s can move groups around in element tree by dragging and dropping and Indicators are shown as user moves the groups around. See Sketch 3 or Photoshop for inspiration.)
  • The chosen element’s panel. (Dropdown containing all elements)
  • The multi group panel.
  • The 1st section of the right click panel.
  • Deletion of the group element should be left to the user as this can affect their work. So, if group is empty when elements within are removed, maintain existence of group & all properties specified for the group.
  • There are NO confirmation modals for this behavior.
  • This behavior can be undone.

This should be a good start! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. We’ll try a simple version that simply moves the elements up the tree and doesn’t delete the group. We’ll see how this goes. Probably live tomorrow.


We pushed something that is getting closer to ungrouping, let us know how this goes.


I am not being able to ungroup. Is the function active?

I have done a simple test, but it doesn’t allow me to ungroup

Instead of clicking on the Group to delete the Group itself. You use the Ctl key to select multiple elements in the group. Then when you click on Ungroup, only those elements are Ungrouped from the Group.