How to ungroup groups

SHIFT key, and right click (on Mac)

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I only see the ungroup option show up when I select two or more elements. Is that intentional? Should we not be able to move a single element out of the group?


What blueback09 said is true lol.
Somehow find this behavior weird…
Currently undo-ing my steps as a workaround…which is uh…not natural…

Hey Guys

I read the article and maybe it’s not a pain for some to select all the elements in a group manually, but @emmanuel it would be great to have something like “Select all child elements in a group” in the right click menu. It will be much easier to ungroup the elements and less complicated in implementing as well.

Let me know your thoughts on it.

I couldn’t agree more. From the elements tree, if one could select the specific group name and ungroup from there (rather than having to go and select all the individual elements and then ungroup them), this would be a very nice to have.