How to update repeating group with suggestions for people to follow


I have created a follow/following system. In the homepage, I am showing some suggested users that the current user can follow, like this:

Now, when I click the follow button, the workflow works, but I want the person followed to disappear and the suggestion list should get updated with new user to follow.

How do I make it auto-update?

do a search for: people who are not followed

In that way once the user clicks follow that person is followed and therefor it does not appear on the rg

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The database have to be set in the right way. So I assume you have a list with users that Current User Follows and a list of users that Current user is FOLLOWED BY (in the screen example its followers)

In that case just set the data source of the repeating group to:

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I have done this currently:

and I think it works…thank you so much!

Please do check out this particular issue and if you guys can help me out with it!

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You should change the data from Name to user. Because in the future you may need more information from the user. Imagine a particular user changes its username (assuming that it is what you are saving) the user will appear as if it is not followed. So my advice is change the data from to user.

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It doesn’t show user - it is showing all the fields that I have created under the datatype user


Ok so my adivice would be:

  1. Eliminate the field Following from user
  2. Create a field called FOLLOWING where the data type is user instead of text as you may have now.
  3. The repeating group in question should be as

And you are set

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