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How to upload multiple images

Hi Jason

9am your time 5pm GMT today any good?

I got your last email so please send Zoom instructions and hopefully speak to you in a couple of hours

I just sent another email. :slightly_smiling_face: So weird these were not going through. I may need to add your email to my contact list so it comes through correctly. Not sure why it keeps sending it to my junk folder.

Take a look at my schedule availability at or click here for a 1-Hr Session.

Thank you for detailing this problem in such great detail. Very very much a problem for me as well.

No worries. Hope it helped.

hey check out my solution

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Cool. How fast is it to show the images?

well it show right the way you click upload you don’t need to refresh page if this is what you asking

Hi @boston85719 ,
thank you for the great post!

I tried to implement the Multi-File Uploader in the way you described.
However, I have problems when I try to display the images somewhere else.

I tried with the button inside the repeating group as well as outside (in the latter case for all pictures together) - to me it didn’t seem to make a big difference, at least in the database the images seem to be fine.

→ Is there a way I can see in the database whether the picture was saved correctly? It seems to my ordinary eyes that the “image” and the “image_s3” are the same - at least I can download both of them in the database as a JEPG.

When I try to display the photo(s) on another page, they show up for like 1 second, then they disappear. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

I’d really appreciate your help, thank you!


Check out @norbert.nica post below. He shares his editor for you to see what is going on behind the scenes and he did a great job putting it together.

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Great, thanks!!

I used this Plugin for Minnnis [New Plugin] Uppy File + Webcam Uploader

The Uppy uploader has no flexibility for multilingual / flexible setups. So far, @norbert.nica 's post has the most flexible and versatile solution for this. Only downside: it doesn’t really block the users from only selecting images when needed.

Thanks for the share!

Hi @boston85719 . Did you happen to create a save all? That’s where I’m stuck right now.

P.S. - Great post. Was number #1 on my google search.

I did not, but if in need of it, I would set it up using a recursive backend workflow.

Set up the button ‘save all’ to trigger the backend recursive workflow. The backend workflow should have a key parameter ( maybe label it ‘image-list’ ) that is of type File and is a list/array.

Then set up the same workflow action for saving the individual image through the recursive backend workflow.

What was the google search term you used?

New video based tutorial available for this functionality, with an optimized approach and a ‘Save All’ functionality, as well as clear all.

Most important improvement over the original tip, is the maintenance of the file manager to avoid any ‘ghost’ files in your file manager.

Tutorial includes access to the tutorial editor if you wish to copy and paste the complete feature set into your application.

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