How to use bubble slider menu plugin?

How do I use the Bubble free slider menu plugin as I am still new to bubble, I don’t know how to use it properly. I read the reference and it didn’t make sense to me. it mentioned using work flow but I don’t know from where I didn’t see it in the options.

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Create the menu options by double clicking the menu element. Go to workflows > Click here to add an event > Elements > Side menu’s option is clicked. Add a condition that Only when Menu option is xyz > Add a navigation workflow etc

Hello Thank you for responding. But i didnt get the part where you said “Menu option is xyz” you mean when the menu option receives an action or what exactly do you mean

XYZ is the term that you have written in the side menu. For example, if you added a Home option in the side menu, it would be when “Menu option is Home”. This needs to be set in the Only when condition.

Ohhh so I need to add different events for all my options in the menu right?