How to use "current page" details for SEO when using external url

So currently I have a page which has a repeating group of events. When a user clicks on any event, I am using workflow to navigate the user to event details page with event id suffixed to the url. The event id is what I am reading to determine what to display the event details page.

However, when it comes to displaying dynamic data for SEO/ FB. The values are not getting pulled. I think this is because I am not using “send data to another page” under workflow while navigating to event details page. Is there any workaround for this such that I can still use this external URL for displaying individual event details but also get the SEO dynamic text to work

I’m a little confused here. Isn’t the page you’re using an Internal page? What are you gaining by setting it up this way instead of using the built in navigation?

It’s an internal page but I wanted unique URL for every page. Hence, I implemented this way. Any other way you recommend to go about this?

Hi @lakshman.saurabh

I am using the same method like yours to create a readabale URL and wondering if you figurred out a way to use Current page details to show in SEO ?

Thanks in advance.

You can use “Current User” instead. Even if not logged in, it should be stored across the two sessions ?

Hi @NigelG

Each of my dynamic pages are not for users but for sub-categories of information. For examples our Cars page has Ford, Toyota, etc links on it and when clicked on Ford it takes to the Ford readabale URL page which looks like … mysite/car_info/FORD. This paege populates all the info from our database on Ford cars.

However, consiidering this is URL driven we are unable to populare Ford related information in the SEO/ FB title and description pages. And wondering if there is a way to send such SEO info to readable dynamic URLs.

Yes, that is what I thought you were doing.

My solution was, on page load, to read in the path (FORD) and add the information to the Current User so that it was available to the SEO/FB parameters.

However this does not work, as it is not getting pulled through to the Share.

This is a bug, so suggest you report it ?

Thanks Nigel.

Added new column to the user table to extract the category information and get into title just like you said and it works for us ! In our case it is getting pulled through to the share. Used a workflow on page-load to populate this column.

However, I read somewhere (couldnt find that thread) that if a workflow is involved for SEO title that information will not be picked up by Google (?) May be the crawlers wont wait for the url to load and run the workflow, leading google to recieve blank titile info.

Is there a way to achieve this without running a workflow ?

Hmmm, so the Google bot won’t allow the on page load workflow to run ?

And it seems Facebook doesn’t either.

Hi @NigelG

This is still an unresolved issue and I am thinking its a bubble flaw. Bubbles’s Dynamic pages is not SEO friendly at this point. Because the title info can only be passed after page load and this will not be picked by crawlers.

If you or any bubble experts have a work around please post here. Thanks.

I am not sure about that.

If you run a “Fetch as Google” you can see dynamic data being picked up from a page thing.


This is consistent with Facebook.

But if you do a Google “Render” none of the dynamic data appears on the page, which is odd. However I can see that dynamic content is being indexed, as I can search for it.

Doing this with “Current User” would appear not to work, as that relies on a cookie storing the data for the virtual user.

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