How to use default Bubble SSO setting


Can anyone provide a guide as to how one should use the 3rd part SSO configuration available in the settings. See below:

Didnt find any mention of it in the manual. Any help would be terribly appreciated.

Step 1: Added SSO redirect in the settings section.

  1. Entered the bubble client id and key into the external provider and gave them the bubble link(as selected in step 1) for sso redirect

  2. Set up a login page on my bubble app. Which has username and password as inputs and then logs a user in.

  3. When I click login on the external website it is redirected to the login page on my bubble app with the following payload:

  4. On my bubble login page, I use the simple workflow – “Log the user in”. Could you guide me as to what one should do after that.

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Still struggling. Does anyone know what I should do on the login page for SSO - from bubble to a 3rd party website.


@NigelG I see you have been dabbling with Auth0. Did you ever try using Bubble as the Identity service provider?

@gaurav do you have an SSO plugin that uses Bubble App to authenticate users to another app?

No, but that sounds like fun :slight_smile:


Nope but @NigelG is probably the best person to advise around SSOs I think. I recall he’s looked at it before most other folks on the forum especially during the webtask/Auth0 days :slight_smile:


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