SSO from Bubble App to Zendesk Guide

Hi All

We are using Zendesk Guide for our knowledgebase.

The knowledgebase is only accessible to signed in and verified users.

I want to set up sso so that users logged into my bubble app can click a button and navigate to our Zendesk knowledgebase homepage without having to login to Zendesk.

Has anyone had any experience with this or can assist?


Hi Robbie! I’m looking into this, doesn’t zendesk guide support JWT authentication?

I’m not very technical so I can’t comment.

I managed to solve this, let me know if you need any help I’d be glad to assist you.

Hi @aestela

I’d love a hand with this if you have time, thanks.

@aestela Do you have some time that we could discuss your solution? thanks

Hi Stuart, sorry for the late response, we are currently working around the clock on a new release for our app so let me come back to you mid next week, if thats ok with you.

Thank you!


Have you succeeded in making this work? We’re looking at exactly the same!