What's the best current method to pass multiple datatypes to a reusable element

This has probably asked a many times, and I have been searching and reading about using reusable elements and trying to figure out what’s the best way to pass multiple data types, data, and possibly lists…I still find myself not confident with going forward with any particular path and ‘standard’. Honestly, also a bit surprised at that fact that there isn’t a clear standard as I would’ve thought this would be a fairly common thing to do.

In my scenario. I have an app, and I’m treating it as a one page app, however, each major ‘page’ is really just a re-usable element. I think this makes most sense for development organization, keeping the development experience speedier as things grow as well, and I like the speed that one page apps give after the initial load.

I’ll probably report back once I figure it out, but any additional suggestions would be great.

I have a dropdown selector that will change the ‘mode’ of my app. Which will change the type of datatypes being displayed and pass different data to my repeating groups and so on. So my two go-to solutions to try so far are to use ‘String to thing’ plugin to pass multiple datatypes OR…use this Environment Variables Plugin. Though it seem’s years have kind of passed…so I wasn’t sure if this is still the best ‘current’ solution.

Hi Alan,

You can change the Data Type whenever you need to. Have the reusable element in a Group.

Element Actions > Data to display

What’s wrong with using Custom States for this? That’s pretty much the standard way to pass data in and out Reusable elements (and yes, it’s a very common to need to do)…

I can’t see why any plugins are required for this.

Are you trying to change the data type of the reusable elements from say cars to motorcycles or on the same reusable element you neeed both cars and motorcycles?
If it’s the latter, as @adamhholmes mentioned, Custom States is the way to go.
If it’s the former, currently Bubble does not support that.

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