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How to use embedded images from other websites in your bubble app?

Hi, does anyone know how to insert an embedded image into the app? I want to use a gif from a website called tenor using their embed link as the background for a page but not sure how. I tried putting the embed link inside “Dynamic Image”, didn’t work, so I created a condition and I put the link there under dynamic image. This time it worked and the gif shows up in the editor but when I go preview the app, it shows a blank page. What am I doing wrong? Or, what should I do?

With the condition I tried “when this image is visible” and isn’t. I tried uploading a picture also while trying the condition both ways but nothing. Thank you for your time, your help will be greaaaaatly appreciated!

The dynamic image should only have the image url, and nothing other than the url (or an expression that evaluates to an image url). You don’t need the conditional either.

Can you post the entirety of what you are putting in the box? It might not always evaluate to an image url.

Well here’s the thing… I don’t want to just use the image url or it can end up with copyright issues that’s why I need it to show up as embedded. In the picture you can see it says tenor, copy link, embed, etc. I imagine those wouldn’t show up with just the image url? :frowning:
and well also, I’m just confused why it does show up in the editor but not when I preview… huh

Here’s an idea: maybe add an HTML element, and throw that block in the HTML element. Maybe there is code/tag that is not evaluated within the image element but may be evaluated in an HTML element.

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