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How to use Group Focus

Any example on using Group focus.

Do you want an example app? Or just an example?

A typical example would be a popup menu. When you click a text/symbol/button, the group will appear (with a position relative to the element being clicked), and as soon as it loses focus, it will disappear (automatically, without any workflows).

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Oddly enough I was just using this so have an example at the ready :slight_smile:

Here I made a Group Focus called GroupJohnEmail. Inside I put a text box with what I want to show. The reference element is Materialicon email so it positions itself automatically relative to that element.

I setup the workflow of Materialicon email so when you click on it toggles GroupJohnEmail.

Now when you press the email icon the group shows when you click anywhere else it goes away. Simple and easy :slight_smile:


Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your help.
if you can give an idea on app side that would really nice.


There’s a page with an example on how to use it here:

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