How to use the drag and drop plugin by

I have been reading and watching videos but I am unsure how to get the drag and drop to work.
I am starting simple. I am trying to drag the drag/drop group into the drop area and once intersect it drops into it. You can think of it as dragging a smaller red square(dragdropgroup) into a bigger white square (drop area) Final look would be a red square with a white outline. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello @jhoweleriii

Perhaps this great video by @duke.severn can get you started > Reordering lists - Build an app in

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Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for to guide me.

After spending much time watching the video and trying it, I still wasn’t achieving my simple result of being able to drag on square on top of another. I think my disconnect of the logic begins at the behavior post drop action. It says to “move back” or “hide”. I am wanting it to stay visible at the spot I am dropping it. It seems this could be achieved in Workflow - When drop area has a group dropped on it then here is where I would want to drop into the center of the drop area.

In your research perhaps this could be helpful > ↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode by the good folks from @ezdev

I will check it out thanks