How to validate a phone number

How can I check if a phone number is valid (similar to email validator) … is there is a plugin / zapier extension for this that someone may have tried before.


To me you should create a form that basically says “enter your phone number” + a button that triggers a workflow to send a text via Twillio with a code in it.

When the WF is triggered you make an input appeared (so that your user can enter the code) + a validation button to your user with a condition "this button is clicked and when the code is “…” that triggers a workflow that will update a field in the DB “number checked?=yes”

I thought of that but it seems pretty expensive at scale. I wanted to do this without incurring the expense of SMS + while the user is typing the number to show the verify button only when the number is valid

I think it’s 7 cents/sms so (depending on your BM of course) it’s not that much added to your CAC…

For the second part, you can do this by using conditional formatting in bubble: in the button editor you can say: when input code = validation code make this button visible

Even less than that. It’s $.0075 per text message, so you’d literally have to send 133 text messages just to have an extra dollar of added cost.

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Thanks @natedogg, in fact it depends on your country!

Twilio have a free phone number validator as well, you only pay to have carrier returned.