Phone Verification Solution using Twilio

Anyone who wants to verify a phone number for their app or website:

  1. Open a Twilio Account
  2. Choose a number
  3. Add fund so it can send the phone number verification
  4. Add Twilio from CoPilot (Easiest one and free)
  5. Add the Account SID, Auth Token (all in your Twilio account)

On Website

  1. Create an input for the phone number
  2. Add Random Number Generator plugin and set the settings on the length of the verification (It is the shuffle looking icon & it is not visible to anyone)
  3. Add the Country symbol to help users understand what country to input
  4. Add send code

Workflows - Send


  1. Add Plugin Step to send Twilio message (Code Number is the Random Generator Plugin added to the Website page)

  1. Hide phone number input and show verification group (verification input, back button, verify button

Workflow - Verify

  1. Invalid Code:

  2. Code matches:

Hide back button when code matches



Thanks for sharing!

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