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How to work with many geographic addresses on one thing?


is there any way on bubble to handle multiple addresses in a radius search?
We created a jobboard. Every job has more working locations. We want to allow users to find all jobs in a specific radius.

What we tried so far:

  1. Create for each working location a new thing (location) with the fields “address” and “job”. To show the results in a repeating group we search for locations.

Data Type - Job
Description / Rate etc
List of Job Locations

Data Type - Job Location
Parent Job

Search for

Type of Content : Job
Search for JobLoctions within x y of z Job’s : Unique Items

Outcome with this solution: good for 100 jobs. with more than 1000 jobs - super extrem slow loading.

  1. Put all addresses direct on the job in separate fields: address 1, address 2 etc.
    Outcome: also super slow loading

  2. Use a listing field with all the addresses on the job.
    Outcome: radius search impossible

Hope anyone can answer this questions! Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your question! Can you reach out to us at [email protected] with a link to your editor so that we can see this in action? This would allow us to pinpoint the cause of the slow loading times and provide a more accurate suggestion to resolve this.

Hi Matthias,
it can be built more efficiently with an almost instant search. Do you need to find Jobs within a radius? What is the initial location?