How well does bubble operate at scale and what are the costs?

What are the biggest apps running on bubble?

How cost effective is bubble? Is there a calculator?

Are there cost and scale points where it would be smarter to build a “traditional” code app.

Hi there @PineappleJoe,

You can see some here:, I believe is one of the bigger ones.

I don’t believe there is a calculator. The pricing is at Pricing | Bubble, I think it’s worth it. You can always start small then scale when you need to, either to a higher tier plan or dedicated solutions.


It depends… “Biggest” in terms of what? Page loads? Data storage? File storage? And so on…

If you design your apps carefully you can get a long way with little. Don’t let the users search more data than necessary, don’t list “everything”, build indicies for your data types, define what data is in production and what should be archived, use backend workflows and more.

And if there is a need for a completely different tech stack you can easily do that at a Linux/Windows/whatever server and talk back to Bubble.

So back to your questions:

  • It is cost effective to build stuff on Bubble because you can ship fast and re-iterate alot with few man hours.
  • You can easily scale by adding external servers storing and processing stuff. Optionally upgrade your Bubble plan.
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