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How would you set up Stripe Connect in this scenario

I have a marketplace platform that uses Stripe connect so that I can have Sellers and Buyers and I receive a commission on sales.

For some of my customers I am building a separate website (Bubble App) that has the same functionalities built into their website. I set this app up the exact same as the above platform, using Stripe Connect so that I can collect a fee on transactions, but for this website I created a New Account under Stripe and used separate API keys.

However, the separate website is an extension of the platform (from a business sense), so I was curious if I can use the Stripe Connect credentials from the main platform website for the separate site (saves having a separate Stripe Connect account for every website, and helps group all collected fees, customers in one place).

Can I use the main platform’s Stripe Connect account for the separate website, or should I be creating a separate Stripe Connect account for each individual website?