How would you set up Stripe Connect in this scenario

I have a marketplace platform that uses Stripe connect so that I can have Sellers and Buyers and I receive a commission on sales.

For some of my customers I am building a separate website (Bubble App) that has the same functionalities built into their website. I set this app up the exact same as the above platform, using Stripe Connect so that I can collect a fee on transactions, but for this website I created a New Account under Stripe and used separate API keys.

However, the separate website is an extension of the platform (from a business sense), so I was curious if I can use the Stripe Connect credentials from the main platform website for the separate site (saves having a separate Stripe Connect account for every website, and helps group all collected fees, customers in one place).

Can I use the main platform’s Stripe Connect account for the separate website, or should I be creating a separate Stripe Connect account for each individual website?


Hi gf_wolfer
I am building a similar set up. Mine is not a marketplace, but regular customisable eCom websites for my clients. I want each of their stripe accounts to be connected to my Stripe account. Is this possible ???

Yes, totally possible. For simplicity sake I only run the payments through a single website/platform now, but I think there is still 1 legacy customer who has their own Bubble app that is connected through the same Stripe Connect platform. So it can be separate apps and separate URLs

Hi gf_wolfer. Thanks for replying. All my partner websites would have products which are connected to my website through API. So in short we wont add any products in the partners website. Now if the partner list price as 100$ and my price is 50$ to the partner, then the customers who use my partners website would pay 100$ and 50$ will be send to my stripe account. Just to make it clearer. I am zero in tech. Just building with the help of a developer. He said it’s possible.