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Stripe payment: Can one account's API keys be used for multiple apps?

Can the api key of one Stripe connect be used in multiple apps?

I believe we have that set up. We have a couple apps but only one stripe account

You used the same api keys in multiple apps?

It all depends on how you want these multiple apps to function… at least I thought so until seeing @potentialthings comment.

From what I understand:

In one scenario, you (the app creator) are receiving payments from the app users and are the only Stripe Seller in the system.

Scenario 2: you are creating sub-apps that each allow a unique account (someone other than app creator) to be the primary Stripe Seller.

Scenario 3: You allow multiple Stripe Sellers and each of them manage their own Stripe account.

However you want to operate the payment side of things, I think using different API keys in each separate app is the way to go for security. Doesn’t one Stripe account allow multiple ‘Connected Apps’ each with their own unique API keys?

Would love to have someone with Stripe experience to chime in :slight_smile:

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We have two apps set up on one stripe account. Each app has its own plans, and there’s no crossover between the two. We aren’t doing anything fancy with stripe, just using it for subscriptions.

I imagined it would get confusing after a large number of records are being stored. Stripe handles the separation easily?

So you didn’t copy the same api keys in multiple apps?

We used the same keys in two different apps, yes.

I am testing this out both ways actually.

Currently, I have a main platform for Connected Accounts. I also have 2 customers that have separate apps, but it they have essentially the same functionality as my main platform (I have them as the only Connected Account to sell through this App). For one customer I am using the same API keys as the main platform, and for the other customer I used separate API keys (under same Stripe Account).
Both work with no problems, but in the future I will likely stick with the same API keys for future apps, and not create new ones.

But this is only because all of the apps are apart of the same Business, and it saves me cluttering my Stripe Dashboard with multiple accounts that all feed into the same business and bank account in the end.

I would suggest using separate API keys if you want to track financials of the apps separately (good for cost-benefit analysis of each app)

Curious to hear from others on this topic though

I’d like to hear more on this from other people too. Still not sure if I should go through the hassle of setting up new Stripe accounts for my sub-apps or if I should build all under one roof…

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