Multiple Stripe Accounts One App

Is it possible to connect more than one Stripe account to a single app with the API connector or any of the Stripe plugins?

The reason I would want to do this is because I need multiple accounts for different countries to avoid transaction fees. I don’t want to have an app for each country but a single app connected to my different Stripe accounts.

My initial thought is that I could create additional apps just for Stripe and have a workflow that pulls from the other apps based on the user making the purchase but I want to see if there’s something possible with the plugins that already exist. As I write this, I am wondering if I could just use the API connector for those custom connections. I would love to hear anyone’s suggestions on the best way to go about this and if there’s something I’m missing.

Hello @the2017,

I think you can have multiple Stripe accounts on your app. You just need to make requests with different credentials. Some features can be done by Custom APIs, but some can only be done by JavaScript, so you may also need a custom plugin.

Also, make sure you keep the credentials safely. If you keep it in a data type without privacy rules and make request on the client-side, your credentials may be exposed to your users.

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I do not think there is a need for any plugins or javascript for this. You would however need to set things up via the API connector and use the Stripe API.

I am not 100% sure my theory would be possible though, as I am not sure if Stripe would have some built in mechanism to restrict you from having multiple Stripe accounts for the same Bubble app. However, if that is not a restriction by Stripe then you’d need to implement things as described below.

  1. Multiple APIs configured the same way but using different API keys for each of your separate Stripe accounts. This is because in the setup for the calls the keys are in the shared headers which can not be ‘dynamic’…I suppose you could test with putting the header keys directly on the call itself, rather than shared headers as those can be dynamic.

  2. Need to set up multiple workflows with conditionals when a user wants to connect to Stripe as a seller. This is because that link for the authorization flows requires your Stripe accounts client ID which is different for each of your Stripe Accounts. You will need to implement some way of grabbing the users country to know which Stripe account of yours they should become a connected seller of.

  3. Ensure of ways to consistently use the correct Stripe account and therefore calls when a consumer attempts to purchase from a seller.

BTW, one thing I do know, is that Stripe will need to verify your accounts before you can launch live. If you have multiple stripe accounts from different countries you will be required to register companies in each jurisdiction you have a stripe account for.

This is not really possible. No matter which country the Stripe account is for, stripe charges transaction fees. You may find it cheaper and easier to just pay the extra fees associated with accepting payments or having connected sellers from various countries using just one Stripe account.

Thanks for your feedback! I was actually referring to foreign transaction fees not the overall fees. We already had two separate entities in different countries and Stripe advised to keep them separate if we don’t want our customers to pay foreign transaction fees.