iFrame code in HTML element is not visible in design but is rendering in preview

Hi, I’m building a test app and I’m not very familiar with Bubble, so I’m having trouble pinpointing the issue.

Here’s some context for the app: I’m using the Data API to retrieve app data and using BI.P.EYE to create a dashboard using that data. Then, I’m embedding the dashboard into the Bubble app using the iframe code.

This process works fine, but the issue is that I’m not able to see the dashboard on the Bubble design tab. I have attached some images below for reference. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Try unticking display in an iframe since you explicitly indicated <iframe>

Tried it but didn’t work.

I just saw this bubble tutorial on HTML element and it says if you’re running a script tag in HTML element then it’ll only run in run mode and not in the editor. is that the same reason the iframe code isn’t running?

Here’s a link to the video. Visual Elements - Bubble Docs

What I would try next is ticking “don’t set cookies” in your settings

Tried it but still the same.