Html Forum Retrieving Data?

Hi there im currently making a HTML Forum, and was wondering if someone, with excellent knowledge how to get data from html?

I do have the toolkit plugin but was wondering what would I put for that? See below on what its like, mind you its currently a template im editing atm.

(As I prefer using html, but hate coding, so bubble is the best for me.)

(Forgot to mention - will I need to still add data stuff as well and sql for like usernames, date etc?)

Thanks for any info in advance…

Your photo isn’t on Bubble. If you are going to use Bubble, I’d consider watching the beginner courses, along with a few from YouTube, or search here on the forum for those resources to grab hold of the basics.

Another alternative, search the forum for ‘Discourse Tutorial’. It shows how you can create this same Bubble forum for your own needs.

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Do u have a link please? I have done tutorials but still struggling with, data side. Like making dashboards and stuff. Thanks for any advice given.

I’ve got a beginners tutorial that might help you.

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