HTML not loading URL specified in <iframe>

I was able to open a URL (app hosted in Heroku) in an iFrame. Now I get the frowning face (as attached) or page suggesting that my configuration is wrong. I have been using a Personal Bubble account and have included authorization for “all iFrames” to be rendered.

Hi @marcdellatorre :wave:
You can see why it is blocking in console.
just Right click on the page & inspect then go to console tab.

It’s probably because of mixed content
Perhaps this link can help…

Thank you for your suggestion. Sadly, there is not a mixed content error. My URL loads with both HTTP & HTTPS but it fails when I include the src=URL in the Bubble iFrame.

Is it fixed now ?
If not
Example:- This is how i setup my iframe once in my application with heroku & it works.
Hope it helps :+1:

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 17.59.55

Yes, that was the trick! Thank you very much!! Works like a champ now! Phew!! Much appreciated!

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