I am learning how to create custom state,the video i am referring to a video and the condition has turned green but when i did it did not

Hi there, @shubhangisharma2411… what video are you following and what are you actually trying to do?


this part of the video-Bubble Crash Course for Beginners (2022) - YouTube

and I am trying to build custom state for login and sign up

It’s not working for you because you are trying to set the custom state’s value (which needs to be a text value because the custom state’s type is text) to an element on the page (i.e., the Shape green element), and that doesn’t make sense. If you pay closer attention to the video, he types the word “green” after the is operator, and it works because he is setting the custom state to a text value of “green”.

thanks a lot mike,any better and free resources you could recommend to learn bubble

It couldn’t hurt to start with Bubble’s lessons and crash course videos. You might want to check out this video, too.

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